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About GLOWBAG - developlemt and concept

The inspiration for GLOWBAG came from a personal experience that inspired me to develop a unique product line specifically dedicated to the needs of delicate leather in luxury handbags.

For years I have asked myself how I clean and care for my favorites. So far I haven't found a satisfactory solution for this and I haven't found the perfect product or a really effective "life hack".

My favorites and my pride are the Chanel Classic Double Flap and Chanel WOC. My two lambskin pieces are from 2013 and 2014 respectively.

Over the last few years I have actually tried every kind of leather care and “treated” my bag accordingly. As a result, my previously black bag looked greyish, dull and stained. The leather no longer looked really black.

Janine Fichna with glowbag

Intensive research made me realize that leather handbags, especially handbags from designer brands, cannot be cleaned with just any leather care product due to the special leather and textures used.

Although almost every care product from the drugstore, department store, shoe store or cobbler says that it is suitable for all leather items, 99% of these products contain waxes (mostly beeswax) or chemical components, alcohol or other additional oils. Although these are suitable for shoes or furniture, they are not suitable for handbags made from finer types of leather such as calf, goat or lamb leather.

The woman is herself! This frustrating experience was the catalyst for the birth of the idea of ​​GLOWBAG. I wanted to create THE solution with which the high-quality leather of all designer bags can be cleaned and protected without any worries. So I researched and learned, testing countless formulations until I finally found the perfect formula for GLOWBAG. And the best thing about it: All GLOWBAG products are water-based and made from 100% natural ingredients - the best for your bag and for the environment.

This is how the idea for GLOWBAG came about, the first leather cosmetic series specifically designed for designer leather bags and accessories.