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Article: A look at the ingredients: What makes GLOWBAG different from other leather care products?

Glow Cleaner auf Chanel Bag

A look at the ingredients: What makes GLOWBAG different from other leather care products?

Most leather care products contain waxes, chemical ingredients or even alcohol. Because designer handbags often use finer leathers, special finishes or even exotic types of leather, they have different needs than, for example, shoes.

When developing GLOWBAG, we focused on proven natural ingredients from leather care and simply left out everything that was unnecessary. The result is particularly mild, water-based, yet effective care products that have been developed specifically for handbags.

Glowbag Cleaner: Natural freshness for the leather

Our cleaner relies on the power of orange peel extract, green plant extract and soy to gently remove even the most stubborn dirt.

Orange peel extract: This proven natural active ingredient contains natural solvents that can effectively dissolve grease, oils and dirt without drying out the leather. Another advantage is that orange peel extract evaporates without leaving any residue, so that no unwanted residue remains on the leather.

Soy : Soy bean extracts contain natural surfactants that help remove dirt and stains from the leather surface. They also provide the leather with moisture to keep it supple. The use of soy extracts also helps preserve the color and texture of the leather without causing unwanted changes - an important aspect in maintaining the original beauty of the leather.

Glow Conditioner: Intensive care for long-lasting beauty

Our conditioner relies on the powerful combination of orange oil, lanolin, grain extract and soy to revitalize and protect the leather.

Orange oil: In addition to the fresh scent, orange oil offers numerous benefits for leather care. It penetrates the pores of the leather and helps keep it supple to prevent cracking and dryness. It also contains natural antioxidants that protect the leather from damage caused by free radicals and sun rays.

Lanolin : Lanolin, also known as wool fat, is extracted from the sebaceous glands of sheep and preserves the natural properties of leather. It helps preserve color and texture, softens small scratches and creates a protective barrier on the surface that protects the leather from environmental influences.

These carefully selected ingredients make Glowbag the ideal choice for caring for your valuable handbags. Give your favorite accessories the love and attention they deserve with Glowbag, the natural choice for caring for your leather goods.

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